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Hooked on 1770 Adventure Tours offer both full and half day offshore fishing charters, catering to both the individual fishermen and group bookings.
All of your fishing equipment is provided for the charter, including rods, reels, bait and tackle. The supplied rods are 6ft, 15-24kg Rhino sticks, with either Shimano TLD20 overhead or Penn 750 spin reels running 50 lb line. Customers are welcome to bring along their own equipment if desired.

Although our primary focus, due to customer request, is reef fishing or "bottom bashing" we are also able to cater for those wishing to troll for pelagic species and sport fish.

All scheduled charters are subject to suitable weather conditions. If the forecast winds are too strong, the vessel will not be taken offshore. The safety of our passengers is always a primary concern, and we will not put our passengers at risk. Charters will be rescheduled to suit all concerned wherever possible.

Where We Go

There are many deep water reef areas within 15 nautical miles of 1770, and these are our prime fishing grounds. These areas are abundant with Nannygai, Sweetlip, Cod, Cobia, Mackerel, Hussar and Parrot. There is also the opportunity to catch the ever-desired Red Emperor and Coral Trout.

Following the coastline from 1770 in a northerly direction you reach Bustard Head and the Bustard Head Lighthouse. Offshore from here are rocks that surface from 100ft of blue water. These are fantastic fishing grounds for Mackerel, Tuna, Trevally, Snapper (in season) and is also great bottom fishing terrain.

Trawler wrecks lie on the ocean floor off the 1770 coastline. These wrecks provide great fishing all year round for Cobia, Tuna, Trevally, Cod and the occasional reef species.

Full Day Charter

A full day charter runs for 10 hours. You will be collected in the tender boat from the beach at 1770 Camping Grounds at 6am, and ferried to the charter vessel. You are returned to the same beach at approximately 4pm, catch in hand.

You will need to bring along your own food and drinks for the day.

Full Day Charter Cost: $330 per person

Private Charter Vessel for Full Day (maximum 7 customers): $2300

Half Day Charter

A half day charter runs for 6 hours, departing at 6am and returning at midday to the beach at 1770 Camping Grounds.

You will need to bring along your own food and drinks for the charter.

Half Day Charter Cost: $220 per person

Private Charter Vessel for Half Day (maximum 7 customers):$1500

Custom Charter

Private charters can be scheduled to suit your requirements, catering for up to 7 passengers. If your desire is to take in some scenery, or do a specific type of fishing, a custom charter can be organised. These charters can be scheduled to your requested departure and arrival times (pending weather/tide conditions).

Possible Custom Charter types:

o Pancake Creek

o Bustard Head

o Sport Fishing

o Coastline Scenic Cruise of 1770 and Agnes Water

If you would like to enquire about or schedule a Custom Charter, contact Damian with your request and a price can be calculated for you.

All Seats booked are the responsiblity of the person making the booking. The seats must be payed for in full on the day of the charter. No cancelation exemptions for people not showing within the group on the day. Full payment of all seats booked must be paid for on the day of the charter. Any cancelations must be 24 hours prior to the departure of the charter or 100% of the booking must be paid if no contact was made to Hooked On 1770.